Latin Music Licensing

The Pico Blvd Group represents the largest independent Latin Music catalog available for licensing into new product categories & distribution channels.

License Latin Music

Our attractive licensing fees encourage film students as well as major movie studios to use our material. With so many popular Latin sound recordings in the PBG library, there is never a problem finding the perfect background music or mood setting for your project. Licenses are available for Film, TV, Multimedia, Interactive, Games, Advertising, Corporate A-V, E-commerce and more. Many of our songs can be heard in such blockbuster movies and TV shows as “Get Him To The Greek”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Meet Dave” with Eddie Murphy, “A Man Apart” Starring: Vin Diesel, and “CSI: Miami”.

Much of our music is also licensed to record labels who remix, and or compile with their own music tracks to release exciting compilations.

Did you Know? A synchronization license is needed for a song to be reproduced onto a television program, film, video, commercial, radio, or even an 800 number phone message. It is called this because you are “synchronizing” the composition, as it is performed on the audio recording, to a film, TV commercial, or spoken voice-over. If a specific recorded version of a composition is used, you must also get permission from the record company in the form of a “master use” license.

The Pico Blvd Group represents thousands of Latin Music Masters. The compilations below have been prepared to offer a turnkey musical solution for all your latin music needs. All the selections have been pre-cleared for master and synchronization license usage. Please browse each release by genre:


In addition to the above pre-cleared selections The Pico Blvd Group is the exclusive licensor for The Mexican Music Archive.


Attention Music Supervisors, Tv & Film Consultants, Creative Agencies, and Production Studios:

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Receive all our discs and library them for easy reference. Catalog our music internally by genre, or master and synch availability.
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