Mariachi Los Muertos: Official Representatives of El Dia De Los Muertos

Mariachi Los Muertos

The Pico Blvd Group’s creative lab team is currently conceiving a new property to further promote and exploit our traditional catalog of Latin Music.Mariachi Los Muertos Sketches

The Mariachi Los Muertos™ concept is an illustrated collection of “Dia De Los Muertos / Day of The Dead” characters exclusively developed by The Pico Blvd Group. With over 50 characters in production, each “muerto” is loosely developed based on its song description and title. Each character is unique with their own name but all the characters together make up the virtual band: “Mariachi Los Muertos™”!

Mariachi Los Muertos

By inventing characters loosely based on traditional Mariachi song titles, The Pico Blvd Group creates awareness to it’s catalog of rich and cultural Latin music.

The “Mariachi Los Muertos™” line of characters are scheduled to be released as many different consumer products including but not limited to, CDs, music downloads, toys, apparel, and greeting cards. All our products will have a strong influence of music…either embedded within the item or available through a music download campaign.

Licensees wanted! Please contact The Pico Blvd Group for more information.